"Will my new alloys fit my tyres?"

That's a good question and this is a very common mistake made by the buyers because they purchased the alloys without checking the tyre specifications.

Wheels and tyres are a combination that you should get them together correctly. If you want to change both then we can recommend you the right tyre size of tyre with your new alloys.

Most majority of our customers are looking for a better look,performance and handling that's why they want bigger alloy wheels with smaller sidewalls tyres. This requires a bit technical information on tyres and a bit of maths like measuring the rolling radius,circumferences, percentage differences. Don' worry about maths! You may not be good at maths or you may not have time for this so if you want to know what tyres you should go for with your new alloys, please contact us and send us your questions.

Altough we do not supply tyres at the moment (we are specialised in alloy wheels),we will be happy to help you.

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