VW golf alloy wheels

Welcome to our fitment guide page for VW golf alloy wheels.This is the first step you need to go through before looking for the models.On this page we will provide you the essential factory settings of your vehicle(PCD,ET,Centre bore size and tyre size).

Please take a look at the list below for your car model and manufacture year.Following the values that are provided,visit our online store for models and prices.You will find various models that can fit VW golf.Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to go above the factory standarts.Upgrading wheels size also requires new tyres.To learn the correct fitment,simply send us an e-mail and our team will respond to you about what your new tyre size should be.

ModelYearRim sizeRim OffsetPCDCentre BoreTyre Size
GOLF VI:R10>7.5X18517.5X1857.1225/40R18
GOLF VI:GTI09>7.5X17515X11257.1225/45R17
GOLF ESTATE09>6.5X16485X11257.1205/55R16
GOLF VI08>6X15475X11257.1195/65R15
GOLF V ESTATE07>096.5X16485X11257.1205/55R16
GOLF V04>086X15435X11257.1195/65R15
GOLF V:GTI05>7.5X17515X11257.1225/45R17
GOLF V Plus05>096X15475X11257.1195/65R15
GOLF IV97>046X14385X10057.1175/80R14
GOLF III:5 STUD92>976X15385X10057.1195/50R15
GOLF III93>975.5X13384X10057.1175/70R13

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