Spigot Rings Are For Your Own Safety!

Most car manufactures use different sized centre bores so it is very likely that if you are purchasing aftermarket alloy wheels,you will need spigot rings for the correct fitment.

The spigot is the part in the centre of the hub that you rest the inside centre of the wheel on.Generally aftermarket alloy wheels have a bigger spigot hole than the spigot on the vehicle. So to make the perfect fitment make sure to order your spigot rings with your set of alloy wheels.

Fitting the wheels on your car without the rings will cause serious problems.As a start,as you make your speed over 50 miles,your wheels will start to vibrate.The worse scenario is, you'll break one or more studs when you drive the car and the worst scenario is the wheels may come off.

To avoid all these problems,all you have to do is purchase a set of rings for your car.To purchase the right size rings,you will need the centre bore size of your car.You can have a look at fitment guide for your car model or you can contact out team by the form below.

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