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We offer top-quality CMS alloy wheels which are designed specifically for Porsche models. They are an excellent way to improve both your vehicle's look and performance. They come in various offsets that make them suitable for all Boxster models. We offer 3 finish options. So you can have HIGH-GLOSS SILVER if you like silver alloys, or DIAMOND BLACK MAT for a bit more attractive finish. If you are big fan of black finish, then we recommend you MATT BLACK C12 model which looks awesome on Porsche Boxster.

RIM SIZE:8X18" - PCD:5X130 - OFFSET:45-55
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C12 CB

You have a variety to choose from. All orders will be shipped direct to your door . We have better news for our UK customers. In 2011, all UK deliveries will be made free of charge so you save a fantastic 25 pounds shipping charge on your order.As our reputation grows on the internet, we start to receive more inquires for our porsche wheels.

If you are outside of the UK, we can still help you. Please click on the item you are interested and find the link to our international shipping terms. You will see that we can ship over to 15 countries in the world at reasonable charges. If your country is not listed,please contact us for more details.

At alloy-wheels-store.com, we like to be sure about the product what we are selling. We like to makes surethat when our customers receive their orders, they are 100% satisfied by the quality of our alloys. That's why we only do business with the best suppliers in the market.

CMS wheels are the leading alloy wheels manufacturer from Germany who developes and produces over 4 million high quality wheels a year - for the aftermarket as well as original equipment for the automotive manufactures like Bentley, Peugeot, Renault, Seat, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Company's priority has always been to produce "top-quality products". Their well-deserved reputation started to grow as the quality of their alloy wheels are recognised by major car manufacturers. All CMS wheels are certified by German-TUv which is known as the "toughest-to-get" certificate in aftermarket wheel industry.

Please take necessary steps when you are looking for porsche boxster wheels as they are various internet-suppliers supplying cheap replica porsche wheels with very limited warranty. We offer a fantastic 2 year manufacturers warranty on all our products. Our quality cannot be beaten by another aftermarket wheel manufacturer.

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