Peugeot 607 alloy wheels are now in our product range with fantastic models at bargain prices. Browse through our 16" models and place your order today while our prices are still low!

PEUGEOT 607 YEAR:2000>Onwards
RIM SIZE:7x16"- PCD:5x108 - OFFSET:34-46
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Model 619
Model 612
Model 618

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Model 601
Model 846
Model 746
7x16" aims to deliver high quality alloy wheels are seriously cheap prices. Without compromising on the quality,we are working with our manufacturers closely to offer the best prices in the market.

2 year warranty is a standard feature of our alloy wheels. We are really proud of this warranty period as we are one of the few European companies who can offer this.

We all know that as the competition gets tougher in the market, companies are always seeking ways to reduce their costs to be more competitive, sell more products and make more profit. Unfortunately this lead some manufacturers to continue their production in Fareast countries where man labour and raw material is cheap, quality control is limited. As a result, manufacturers get what they want - Cheaply made alloy wheels that will attract customer's attention.

Please be advised when you compare other brands prices to our prices. We aim to offer the best value for your money and keeping our prices as low as possible but in some cases you can come across a cheaper price on the internet.

Please always question the quality of the product and ask for the warranty period. If it is limited 6 months or 12 months, then it is very likely that wheels are from Fareast manufactured with low quality material.

These wheels may break and buckle easily after you have driven over a pothole which should not happen with a quality alloy wheel. So please be aware of these issues and avoid cheaply-made alloy wheels for your own safety.


As the sole importer of Carre alloy wheels, we offer a fantastic 2 year structural warranty on all our alloy wheels. This period starts on the date of your purchaseand cover any faults caused by a manufacturing defect.

Carre wheels are manufactured according to European regulations and they go through a number of serious quality tests like Fatigue test Rolling test, Impact test, Test drive.These tests are applied to all wheel models to ensure the safety of the product for users.


Here we display our 16" alloy wheels to fit Peugeot 607 but if you are looking for bigger wheels,please send us an email and we will check the stock availbility for you.

All displayed wheels above are suitable for Peugeot 607 and comes with 100% fitment guarantee. We always double-check the fitment specs of your vehicle before we prepare your order. Therefore it is essential that we have your car details (make-model-year) and current tyre size when you order so we can confirm and check correct fitment.

If you have any questions about Peugeot 607 alloy wheels,do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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