If you are looking for Fiat Uno alloy wheels, you are at the right address.

We have been suppying wheels for Fiat for more than 10 years.Check out our wheel models below that will fit Fiat Uno.

As factory size, Uno is fitted with 13 inch rims with 4x98 bolt pattern.However if you want to upgrade you rim size to 14 inch, please contact us so we can assist you with the available models in our stock.

Important Note: When you are fitting aftermarket wheels to a Fiat Uno, you should remove the hub locating pins. These pins are mounted in hubs which locate the wheels in the correct position.Any mechanic in your local garage can remove these easily. Do not worry about the safety as the wheel bolts will hold the disc in place.

RIM SIZE:5.5X13"-PCD:4x98

Description of image Description of image Description of image
Model 313
Model 743
Model 753

When you decide to place your order, please contact us for stock availability. As 13" alloy wheels are very low in demand, we might not have them ready in the stock. You can email us using the form on CONTACT US page and we will reply to you in a few working hours (during normal working hours).

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