Fiat Seicento alloy wheels are one of our best selling models.

Many fiat owners contact us through our website asking about 13 inch alloy wheels for their Seicento.On the web,it is hard to find companies who supply 13 inch wheels and 14 inch wheels.Not many manufacturers are willing to manufacture these rim sizes due to their low demand and low profit margin.

However our manufacturer still manufactures 13" rim size and we still sell them worldwide.We are planning to keep in stock 13 inch and 14 inch alloy wheels as long as we keep receiving demand.

Now,take a look at our 13 inch alloy wheels for Fiat Seicento.If you want to upgrade your rims to 14" or above,please contact us for more models,stock availability and tyre size recommendation.

RIM SIZE:13"-PCD:4x98

Description of image Description of image Description of image
Model 313
Model 743
Model 753

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