At alloy-wheels-store,we always try to help our customers not by just offering a good price but let them see how the wheels will look on their cars before they purchase.

This page is dedicated to all our customers who would like to see our models on their cars.Here is how it works:

  1. Select one or a few rim models that you like for your car in our product range.
  2. Send us an e-mail.Tell us the make,model of your car and the wheel models you would like to see fitted.
    For example:"I have Golk MK3 and i want to see how model 711 -17"rims will look on my ride".
  3. You can either send us an picture of you car taken from side at wheel level or let us do a similar car model for you.
  4. Our graphics team will e-mail you a(or a few)picture of the car fitted with the rims you have chosen.

Please see a few examples below for our designs we have done for our customers.

This is a very useful service and we provide it for FREE.
Join us and send us an email NOW!

Model 711 on a VW Golf

Model 580 on a Audi A6

Model 501 on a Honda Civic Sedan

Model 740 on a Vauxhall Corsa

Model 601 on a Volvo S40

Model 740 on a Renault Clio

Model 506 on a Renault Clio

Model 601 on a Mercedes C-Class

Model 580 on a Volvo S40

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