How Harmful UV Rays Damage the Interior of Your Car

It is a known fact that extreme exposure to the sun can damage the skin of a human. Likewise, UV rays can damage the interior of your vehicle. If you leave your car under the sun for a long time, temperatures can increase. As opposed to what a lot of car owners assume, the dashboard and the seats aren’t the only interior parts that are susceptible to UV rays.  

You have to guard the interior of your vehicle against harmful rays, whether you only require protection from UV rays in summer if you live in a place that suffers extreme temperature. Fortunately, Red Deer window tinting can go a long way in protecting your car. Here are how harmful UV rays can damage your vehicle’s interior: 

Electrical Parts 

The electrical parts of your vehicle are prone to damage if you leave them exposed to UV radiation for a long time. These include electrical connections on the floor of the car and under the dashboard, navigation system, radio, and much more.  

Exposed electrical parts such as wires and cable connectors can melt, crack, or expand as temperatures inside the car rises. If you leave the wires exposed, the electrical system of your vehicle can malfunction easily. Therefore, it necessitates expensive repairs. You can avoid this type of damage if you tint your car’s windows.  

Rubber Weather Stripping 

While they aren’t interior components of your vehicle, the rubber weather stripping around the doors can help make your car’s interior habitable. The stripping stops debris, air, dust, and water from entering your car. Therefore, it ensures the comfort of you and your passengers.  

However, the rubber stripping of your car can experience sun rot if exposed to the UV rays. Aside from protecting your weather stripping, tinting the windows of your vehicle can greatly improve their durability.  

Upholstery Problems 

The upholstery of your vehicle might start to fade with continued exposure to UV rays. For example, if you’ve got leather seat upholstery, severe sunlight and heat dry out natural oils inside the leather. They might start to crack, stiffen, and dry out. The leather covers utilized on vehicle seats are sometimes treated to prevent sun damage. However, since your upholstery would still get damaged by UV rays, the treatment is just a temporary solution.  

Usual debris such as food spills or liquid often combines with UV rays to damage the upholstery of your car. For example, dust particles, dirt, and food on the upholstery can leave stains that are permanent if they get baked. It can help to get rid of the debris if you vacuum out the interior.  

It does not slow down the damage caused by UV rays if you simply keep the interior of your vehicle clean and treating vinyl, fabric, and leather components using a fabric protectant or silicone. The ideal method you can use is to get a premium window tint for your car’s windows. This will help lower the UV radiation that penetrates the windows and damage your car’s upholstery.