If you are an eBay user, it will be more convenient for you to place an order through our eBay shop and make payment instantly via Paypal. As we opened our eBay shop in 2009.

In the beginning, we did not pay much attention to eBay as we were very busy working on our website. But as emails and calls started to come in about our alloy wheels on our eBay shop, we realised that there is a serious demand coming through eBay. Now we are adding more of our alloy wheels on our eBay shop.

Ofcourse, our ebay prices will be slighlty higher than our normal prices as there is a cost and commission to pay to Ebay for every sale. Unfortunately we have no control over these fees and have to reflect these costs.

If you use eBay frequently and feel more comfortable and safe to make purchases,then please use the link below to visit Our eBay store.

We are constantly adding more models and fitments as new stocks keep coming in so visit us more often to see our new models and special offers.

alloy wheels ebay

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