We have been asked a lot times about BMW wheels. Back in 2009 we have only a few models suitable for BMW but now with the help of our new supplier from Germany, we have a fantastic range of alloy wheels to offer to our customers.

This is quite a new page and we are constantly working on it, adding more BMW models so if you cannot find your model on this page, please send us an email with your requirements and vehicle details. One of our staff will get back to you with the suitable rim models and a price quote.

Description of imageDescription of imagebmw x3 alloy wheels
For BMW 1 Series alloy wheels,click here to see the applicable models
For BMW 3 Series Coupe alloy wheels,click here to see the applicable models
For BMW X3 alloy wheels,click here to see the applicable models


As you can see below the models start with BMW 1 series. There will be more models available as we are currently working on this page. To see the applicable alloy wheels for your BMW model, select the model below. Next page will take you to a new page where you will see the rims that are suitable for your car.

As we are following the manufacturers specifications and guidelines, we will first show you the wheels which is in standard size. Let's say if you are looking for BMW 1 series alloy wheels, we will first show you the 16" range which is the factory size for 1 series.

Of course, upgrade is always possible. You will also have the options to go to bigger sizes like 17",18" or 19" (if applicable). All wheel models you will see on the page will be suitable for your BMW model unless there is no modification on your car like lowered chassis,big brake calipers and so on.

If you have any of these modifications please let us know before you proceed with your order. These mods can alter the fitment of aftermarket wheels. Remember that at alloy-wheels-store we always follow manufacturer's specifications and therefore when you place an order we assume that you have the standard BMW model with now modification on it.


We have tested and fitted our alloy wheels on all BMW models. We can provide TUV certificate upon request which will show you each wheel model has been fitted on the BMW model properly.

As you may know German safety guidelines are among the strictest in the world and German suppliers has to obtain TUV certificate in order to sell their alloy wheels in Germany. What that means is that you are safe with our aftermarket wheels.


Unlike many other alloy wheel supplier, we always aim to supply quality products. We never try to make more profit by selling cheaply-made replica wheels.

As we have started to hear more horror stories about cheap wheels getting cracked or buckled, we believe that there will come a day come when authorities will decide to ban these cheap replica alloy wheels from Europe. But for now, as a consumer you can only protect yourself by buying wheels that are produced according to the European safety standards.

That's why we offer documentation with our BMW wheels, to give our customers the peace of mind they deserve.


We have met CMS Alloy wheels in 2009 and learned the history of this succesfuly-running company. CMS is one of the biggest OE( original equipment) manufacturers in the Europeworking with giant car makers like Fiat, Renault, Ford, Toyota and Honda. Also company provides sales and services to Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Volkswagen and Seat.

According to the latest announcement, CMS developes and produces 7 million alloy wheels per year.

As you can imagine, being an Original equipment manufacturer is not easy. You have to have the "know-how", technology, capital and vision to manage this. That's why we chose to work with CMS alloy wheels. We know the company and their products well.

We are very proud to be the supplier of CMS alloy wheels in the UK. At alloy-wheels-store, you will find the whole range of wheels produced by CMS. Just browse through the collection and decide the model that you think will suit you car and budget


We will have your BMW wheels shipped directly to your door from CMS' warehouse in Germany. As soon we receive your order and clear payment, we will start processing your order.UK deliveries are carried out by Parcelforce and normally takes 5 working days.

We offer FREE DELIVERY service for order on CMS alloy wheels. Please note that this service covers only the UK mainland. To ship to UK islands, Highland, N.Ireland and Ireland, we will require additional shipping payment. Please get in touch for further details.

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