Alloy Wheels Guarantee Conditions

Alloy wheels guarantee:As company,we provide guarantee on all our alloy wheels.Please see below for alloy wheels guarantee conditions.

  • Guarantee period is 2 years and starts from the date of delivery.
  • All part of the property are under our guarantee.
  • During the guarantee period any malfunctioning due to production and montage faults,will be fixed and all necessary parts will be replaced without any charge with any under name.
  • Goods;In case of repetition of same technical failure twice within 1 year period from the date of delivery or due to continues malfunctioning because of repetition of 4 different technical failure;to exceed the 30 days for repairement procedure;a technical reports which primarly prepared by service station or seller,agent,agency,importer and producer shows the product is nor repairable;are changed with free of charge.
  • This alloy wheels guarantee period does not valid under the misapplication of the notes mentioned above.