ALLOY WHEEL SHIPPING CHARGES AND DELIVERY TIMES gladly accepts orders from all around the globe. Alloy wheel shipping rates and fees may vary depending on the delivery address for your order.

To see the shipping rate information specific to your order's destination,see the list below.

alloy wheel shipping

Import Tax’s & Duties

Please remember that your orders may be subject to the customs fees and import duties of the country to which you have your order shipped.

You the customer are liable for any import tax's and duties which your government and or customs imposes when you purchase products from which are delivered outside the United Kingdom. If you are unsure of these taxes and or duties, please contact your local customs agency in your respective country before ordering wheels. We take no responsibility for these charges.

IMPORTANT NOTE:The shipping charges and delivery times listed here may vary due to courier companies policies.We update the information as we are informed of any charge increase.Please contact us if you have any questions about our alloy wheel shipping policy.

DestinationStandart ShippingShipping Charge
England2-3 business days25 GBP
Highlands and Islands4-6 business days45 GBP
N.Ireland4-6 business days45 GBP
Ireland4-6 business days50 GBP
DestinationStandart ShippingShipping Charge
Albania7-12 business days125 GBP
Austria4-6 business days60 GBP
Australia7-12 business days250 GBP
Belgium4-6 business days50 GBP
Bulgaria4-6 business days100 GBP
Czech Republic4-6 business days70 GBP
Denmark4-6 business days50 GBP
Estonia7-12 business days100 GBP
Finland4-6 business days80 GBP
France4-6 business days60 GBP
Germany4-6 business days55 GBP
Gibraltar7-12 business days120 GBP
Greece4-6 business days70 GBP
Hungary4-6 business days70 GBP
Ireland4-6 business days50 GBP
Italy4-6 business days70 GBP
Latvia7-12 business days120 GBP
Liechtenstein7-12 business days120 GBP
Lithuania4-6 business days70 GBP
Luxembourg4-6 business days55 GBP
Monaco7-12 business days70 GBP
Netherlands4-6 business days55 GBP
Norway4-6 business days75 GBP
Poland7-12 business days75 GBP
Portugal4-6 business days70 GBP
Romania7-12 business days120 GBP
Slovakia4-6 business days70 GBP
Spain4-6 business days75 GBP
Sweden4-6 business days70 GBP
Switzerland4-6 business days70 GBP
Turkey4-6 business days170 GBP
DestinationStandart ShippingShipping Charge
New Zealand7-12 business days250 GBP
USA7-12 business days250 GBP
Canada7-12 business days250 GBP
India7-12 business days250 GBP

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