As an alloy wheels supplier, we receive hundrends of emails from all over the world about alloy wheel fitment. It is obvious that buying a new set of rims is not easy as it looks.

Today, we still hear about people ending up buying wrong alloy wheels for their cars due to lack of knowledge. It must feel really bad when you realise that your new wheels are not sitting properly on the hub or fitting holes do not match with the wheels. First, you always think that you are doing something wrong however as time passes you soon understand that there is no way those wheels will fit your car due to wrong application.

For us, our business is not just about supplying wheels to the customers. At, we always try to help people even though some are not going to purchase from us. We do our best to reply all emails as soon as possible but sometimes this can take some time as we start to receive quite a lot emails these days.

Therefore, we have decided to share our knowledge through our website. So if you are ready, please read the following steps carefully before you buy your new wheels.

Alloy Wheel Fitment is actually about a few technical issues. We are going to break down each term on a new page so you can have a better understanding for every term we are discussing.

For a proper fitment,you need to know what the followings mean:

  • The technical terms we are discussing above are for standard fitments. We can hear you saying "what does that mean now?".

    Let me explain! There are few reasons why people decide to buy new aftermarket wheels for their cars. The most common reason is after some time wheels may get damaged by hitting kerbs or driving over a pothole. Obviously wheels start to look really bad on the car and also damaged wheels can be very risky while driving. People in need of alloy wheels for this reason, will look for standard wheels with the correct offset,rim size and so on.

    Whereas for some people, changing alloy wheels is about transforming their cars and making it stand out from the crowd. This obviously requires a bit more technical knowledge as we are talking about upgrading wheel size, lowering cars,fitting wider wheels and tyres,pcd adapters,wheel spacers and so on.Everything that is known in the modification industry.

    If you are not after standard fitments and looking for something more interesting click here to learn about UPGRADING WHEELS AND TYRES.

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